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What is Included with Tom Durston's Custom system?

Hardware supporting a 60K Altair 8800a configuration. An 88-PMC boards allows for additional firmware and provides a powerful PROM monitor.

Hardware supporting 64K Altair 8800b configuration. This dual drive system is the functional equivalent of a MITS 300/25 Business System

Supplemental Hardware for Ethernet/Internet and USB Console.
  • An RS-232 to USB adapter allow direct connection to a PC or laptop.
  • An Ethernet allows console operation over a network.
  • Remote CP/M capability allows remote operation over a LAN or the internet
  • Major MITS Software including DOS, Fortran, BASIC versions, Utilities and application software.

Custom Altair 8800 Front Panel Mainframe

Custom Two-Drive Altair Floppy Cabinet

88-2SIO two port RS-232 serial with CTS on port 2
(FOWLER and TEST markings)
Internal serial cables (new)
Internal serial cables(original)
Custom Front Panel Interface

8800B CPU BDREV 0-X4 (A.H. marking)

Disk Controller 1/2
Disk Controller 2/2

88-16MCS, 16K Static Memory
88-16MCS, 16K Static Memory
88-16MCS, 16K Static Memory