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Tom Durston's Optional Configuration Boards

Optional Configuration Boards are part of Tom Durston's system that are in the process of being tested. Not all boards can be in the system the same time. Some boards need additional cables.

The decision to include these boards is based on interest in alternate configurations and repair/testing status.

The Main Page Configuration has been tested. Supplemental Resources are included.

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Dual-drive custom FD360 Cabinet
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Optional - Tom Durston's 88-SIOA
(RS-232) (not tested)

The orange markings are likely T&R for Test and Repair. The 88-SIO is early generation Altair and was replaced by the 88-2SIO in newer Altairs. The current configuration uses the modern 88-2SIOJP.


Internal cable NOT included.

Optional - Tom Durston's 88-UIO cassette/serial IO board (Not Tested, No internal cables)

The 88-UIO adds cassette capability for MITS standard or KC standard cassetes. The 88-UIO also adds an additional M6850 serial port.


Optional Cassetes for Optional 88-UIO
(NOS, Not part of original system)

Original MITS Cassettes, still in factory shrink wrap.

Optional - Tom Durston's 4K Static Memory Boards
(4 boards, need repair)

Tom Durston's mainframe was used to design the 4K Static Memory Board.

Four of these boards could be used to provide 16K. The total power requirements for four boards is one reason for the 8800B power supply design.

Three 4K boards would allow address space for the optional 88-PMC.

The board in the photo has a star and "A.h." marking indicating MITS technician Alan Haskins.

Tom Durston's Custom Altair system contains four 16K static memory boards.

4K Static Memory Manual - 88-4ksra.pdf

Main Page
Dual-drive custom FD360 Cabinet
Calculator Page
88-2SIOJP Page
Supplemental Resources

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